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Golf Club Fitting Services Bonita Springs, FL

We offer golf club fitting services in Bonita Springs, FL that will improve your game significantly. We would love for you to come in and book an appointment with one of our professionals so that we can analyze your swing, chat about your game, and provide recommendations for what types of clubs will benefit you. We also use a golf simulator at Bonita Springs to help you with your swing. At our Bonita Springs, FL golf store location, we are equipped to recommend clubs for the beginner all the way to an experienced player. We want you to feel comfortable, to ask questions, and to have fun with us!

Golf Club Fitting Fees

Fitting fee will be applied to the customers purchase if golf clubs are purchased through store




(Driver & Woods)






  1. Schedule a fitting with one of the certified fitters (including book fitting link possibly)
  2. Upon arriving at the fitting, prepare to bring your golf shoes with a golf glove (if you wear one), water will be provided. The fitter will analyze the individual’s swing characteristics/current equipment while they briefly warm up along with a conversation about goals/any limitations of the fitting for the golfer.
  3. The fitter then will decide upon potential combinations and begin testing and adjusting accordingly. Once the best combination is found it will be fine-tuned to the individuals needs.
  4. The fitting sheet will be built and prepared for our golf club builders which have combined 25 years experience in building and take pride in completing your equipment to the fine tolerances provided by the fitter.
  5. Completion of build time/order will be presented to the customer.
  1. Our certified fitters have been educated in each manufactures fitting system and understand how they can benefit the golfer.
  2. Combined 40 years experience fitting all skills levels including beginners to professional golfers.
  3. Understanding the course conditions and desires of the golfer: The fitters are experienced golfers who understanding the needs of trajectory and desired ball flight.
  4. Our golf club fitting services are conveniently located at Bonita Springs, Florida.
  1. We give the golfer their best chance to strike the ball efficiently and improve their chances of shooting lower scores and further enjoyment of the game.
  2. We use foresight GCQuad launch monitors which is the industry standard in indoor launch monitors providing the latest technology. We also can use trackman4 upon request. Our golf simulator has the latest technology to accurately measure and help to improve your swing.