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Autoflex Driver Shaft (Pink)

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About Autoflex Driver Shaft (Pink)

The Autoflex driver shaft is up to 20-30 grams lighter than a traditional shaft, which helps to increase clubhead speed and ball speed. It also features a unique flex profile that helps to promote a more consistent and forgiving ball flight.

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Autoflex Driver Shaft (Pink)


  • Autoflex Driver Shaft (Pink)


  • Tip Adaptor - Callaway


  • Grip - Golf Pride Tour Velvet - Standard


  • Length - Standard (+0")


  • Tipping - Standard Tipping (Recommended)


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About this product

The Autoflex driver shaft is a new concept in golf shafts that is designed to increase clubhead speed and distance. The shaft is made of a lightweight graphite material that is up to 20-30 grams lighter than a conventional shaft. This weight savings allows golfers to swing the club faster, which in turn results in more clubhead speed and distance.

The Autoflex shaft also features a unique technology called K.H.T. (Korea Hidden Technology) that helps to optimize the transfer of energy from the golfer's swing to the clubhead. This results in even more clubhead speed and distance, even for golfers with slower swing speeds.

In addition to increasing clubhead speed and distance, the Autoflex shaft also provides golfers with more control and accuracy. The shaft's lightweight design helps to reduce vibration, which can lead to mis-hits. The K.H.T. technology also helps to improve the shaft's stability, which can lead to more consistent shots.

The Autoflex driver shaft is a great option for golfers who are looking for more clubhead speed, distance, and control. The shaft is lightweight, stable, and easy to swing, making it a great choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Autoflex driver shaft:

  • Increased clubhead speed
  • Increased distance
  • Improved control
  • More forgiveness on mis-hits
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Stable and consistent

If you are looking for a driver shaft that can help you hit longer, straighter drives, then the Autoflex is a great option.